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Your Guide to Getting Cash for Your Junk Car in Denver

If you have an old clunker car taking up space in your driveway or garage, you might be tempted by advertisements with claims that “we are for selling a junk car colorado, Denver.” If you have little to no use for the hunk of junk taking up space, consider giving one of these places a call and adding a bit of cash in your pocket in the process. Here’s how it will probably work. 

Identify a junk car company 

That commercial that or just saw or heard saying that they would buy and pay for junk cars in the Denver area, pay attention to the phone number. Check them out online to be sure they’re a solid operation with a long reputation of buying junk cars for top dollar. Give them a call as soon as you can. Tell them what you’ve got and set up a time for them to come and check it out.  

Meet for the inspection

If the junk car you have won’t run at all, the company will agree to come out to you for a quick inspection. You can also give them the lowdown on the car by phone. Based on the kind of vehicle it is, and the condition of its parts, the company will formulate an offer which could range from $100 to $5,000.  

Take it or leave it

If the company you’re working with has a reputation of being fair on their offers, consider taking the cash and getting rid of the junker. If you think you could get a better deal elsewhere, or thing your junker is worth more, consider calling a few junk car companies to compare offers. Either way you go, accepting an offer kills two birds with one stone – gets rid of the junker in your driveway, and lines your pockets with cash.  

Gone for good

Once you’ve accepted an offer from a company, they will arrange to have the vehicle towed from your place to theirs. Most outfits offer free towing service for this so the cost of moving the junker won’t land in your lap. When the tow truck driver arrives, you’ll need to meet them and hand them your registration on the vehicle and keys, and they will hand you cash or a check in return. 

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