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Are you tired of your car breaking down every time you drive? Are you spending more money on repairs than it is worth? Then it’s time to recognize your vehicle for what it truly is; junk. Scrap cars don’t just eat away your annual budget, they also eat up your parking space and pollute your underground water. But we can help you turn the pain in your neck into a profit-making asset. All you need to do is sell your junk car for cash in Denver, CO to Victor’s Towing and we will give you the best price in the industry.

How Much Can I Expect For Selling Junk Car?

You can expect anything from USD 100 to USD 5000 when you sell your junk car in Denver. It depends on the following factors:

  • The Car’s Condition: A car that works will obviously sell for more than that which does not because working cars have more working parts. Moreover, if your car is more or less intact, you can expect more price because we resell parts like bumpers and mirrors to other customers who need them.
  • The Car’s Model, Make & Age: This is another important factor that decides how much cash you get when you sell a junk car in Denver. You can refer to Kelly’s Blue Book to get estimates on how much you can expect. Of course, the prices listed in this book are listed under the assumption that the vehicle is in perfect condition. Needless to say, older models are less valuable than newer ones because they have less reusable parts.

Hassle-Free Process

The process involved in selling a junk car in Colorado is simple and straightforward. Once you have decided to sell your old vehicle, you just need to do the following:

  • Give us a call at (303) 257-1209 and discuss which model you have, working parts and how much cash are you willing to sell your junk car in Denver for.
  • Once we agree on the right price, we will arrive with the agreed amount and a towing truck.
  • We pay you the amount and you handover the scrap car with the appropriate documents. We take the car to our auto salvage yard.

Other Reasons To Sell It To Us

Not convinced we are the right buyers yet? Here are more reasons you ought to sell your junk car for cash in Denver, CO:

  • Free Towing: Hiring a towing service or driving your old car could eat away from the profit you make when you sell a junk car in Denver. Rely on our free towing service to transport it to our yard.
  • No Title Needed: While we would prefer if you had the documents, unlike other dealers we don’t need them because we are an auto salvage yard.
    So get in touch with us by dialing (303) 257-1209 for some quick cash.