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Learn how you can earn extra money this winter with your scrap car

Winter is an expensive time of year. The holidays mean you probably need extra cash on hand to buy gifts for your loved ones, and your heating costs have probably skyrocket during these cold months. If you need extra cash on hand this winter, and you have a junker car sitting around getting more junky by the day, search for a scrap cars for cash business near you for some easy money this year.  

Find a scrap car for cash spot near you

Head online to easily find a scrap car for cash Denver spot near you. You’ll want the most reputable place around to ensure they treat you well and give you the cash that your junker is worth. Pay close attention to online testimonials for clues about interactions that they might have had with previous customers, and be sure to ask your family and friends for recommendations of reputable companies.  

Schedule an inspection

Once you’ve identified the company that you hope to work with, give them a call and tell them a little about the junk car you hope to sell. Be sure to have all the specific details about the car including make, model, VIN, and be able to briefly describe the condition that it’s in. The company will likely schedule a time for one of their representatives to come out to you for an inspection of the vehicle.   

Negotiate a deal

Once the inspection is complete, and the company is sure of what you’ve got, you can begin negotiating on your cash for car trade. It pays you to learn about the car you have to sell, and be armed with as much knowledge about it. Expect a low ball offer out of the gate, and prepare to prove your case if you want that initial number to increase significantly.  

Take your cash to the bank

Once you’ve agreed on the terms of the sale, sign the sale agreement with the company and watch as your junker car is towed away. Some companies will give you cash for your car, depending on how much the deal is worth. Others will cut you a check. Either way, your next step would be to head to the bank and start holiday shopping as soon as you can.