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How to Determine if Your Car is “Auto Salvage”

Car owners all over the United States have heard the phrase ‘auto salvage’. But what exactly does it mean? And does it apply to the junk car you having sitting in your driveway? The best way to determine if your car is auto salvage is to first understand what auto salvage is.

What is ‘auto salvage’

Auto Salvage Colorado is essentially any car that no longer runs but still has workable and useable parts. The main purpose of a salvage yard or junkyard is to attempt to salvage any and all parts of a used or wrecked car. They will give the junk car owner cash up front and in return take the junk car off your hands and sell it for parts or recycle the unusable metal. A major plus of going to a salvage yard is if your car no longer turns on or runs they can tow it for no additional cost.

How do I know if my car is ‘auto salvage’?

There are a few signs that indicate your car is beyond repair. The first thing you should assess, however, is if you car is worth more as a whole or as parts. If your car is worth more as a whole then consider selling your car for a higher price to a salvage yard or by posting it on a website like Craigslist. Once you have enough offers and quotes you can determine how much your car is actually worth.

For cars that are worth more broken down than whole, a salvage yard is probably your best bet. If your car meets any of the following criteria then it is probably a junker:


  • Damage: Does your car have irreparable damage? Does it turn on or drive? Was it wrecked in an accident or natural disaster? Are more parts broken than fixed? If you answered yes to any of these questions than is time to Sell junk car in Denver and get some cash for your auto salvage.
  • Repair costs: If you are constantly taking your car in to be repaired or are spending more money on repairs than your car is worth, then it’s time to deem it auto salvage. There is no use pouring your hard earned cash into a car that has no return. Taking a car like this to a salvage yard can be more lucrative than you might think.
  • Age: Is your car brand new or over five years old? If your car is brand new than a salvage yard in not your play. Instead you might want to consider selling as a used car. However, if your car is over five years old and is not running smoothly anymore you may be dealing with auto salvage. Anything less than five years old cannot really be considered auto salvage colorado.

Get the most cash for your auto salvage

If you want to get the best price for your car parts, you should consult the Kelley Blue Book to make sure you get your car’s full worth. You should also shop around some quotes from a few of your local salvage yards. Lastly, if your car won’t start you’ll want to negotiate a transportation deal with the salvage yard. If you don’t, you could be paying the cost to tow your junked car to the salvage yard out of pocket.