Cash for Junk Cars DTC

Cash for Junk Cars DTC : The Perks of Our Several Locations

Anyone that has an old junk car sitting around taking up space should listen to this great idea. Now is the time to sell that junk car for cash and Victor’s Towing has made the cash for junk cars DTC process easier than ever. Do you want to know how to make that happen? Here’s how you can head to the bank today with a fist full of cash

Cash for junk cars DTC Denver 

If you’re looking to get rid of your old junker, call Victor’s Towing today. With the company’s convenient north Denver location, Metro Denver, or its Denver Tech Center location, you’ll be free of your junk car and headed to the bank in no time. Victor’s also offers vehicle towing, emergency towing, flatbed towing, towing and junker cash programs in north Denver, Metro Denver, or junk cars DTC Denver.   

Head to Boulder or Thornton

If you’re in Boulder or Thornton, you can take advantage of Victor’s junk for cash program too. With two convenient locations in these communities, you’ll be able to deal with a local company that responds fast. Head to the Boulder location off of Arapahoe Street or the Thornton location near Dorothy Boulevard to learn more about the program.  

Cash for junk cars DTC to Golden

Golden residents can take advantage of Victor’s special pricing too. Whether you’re located in DTC or live on the outskirts of town, there is a location to serve you that’s close by and convenient. Head to the Golden location off of Washington Avenue and take home between $100 to $5,000 for your junker.  

Stop in Littleton for cash

Junk cars are worth cash in Littleton too. Head to one of the most convenient locations off Littleton Main Street. You’ll swap your junk car for a wad of cash in no time flat. With almost a dozen convenient locations and the most cash possible for your junker, Victor’s is the place to go for cash for your junker deal.

Pick and Pull Denver

4 Ways Pick and Pull Denver Junk Yards Can Save You Money

If you have a vehicle in your possession that’s seen better days, selling it to a junkyard may be a great way to add some extra cash to your wallet. Cars like this often land in pick and pull Denver junkyards where mechanics and weekend car hobbyists go to look for specific parts at bargain prices. Here are four scenarios where one of these junkyards can save you big money.

Pick and pull Denver rims and hubcaps 

It’s pretty easy and fairly common to lose a hubcap or damage a wheel rim by hitting a pothole of which you misjudged the depth. If you head to a dealership for replacements, you’re talking hundreds of dollars for each part. This is a scenario where you can head to a pick and pull Denver instead. As long as the junkyard has one or a few of the same make and model cars on its lot, you can score a replacement hubcap or rim at a bargain price.  

Body parts for the taking

Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable, but huge mechanic bills to repair the damage might be. One large expense is replacement car body parts including side panels, bumpers, mirrors and the like. If your mechanic uses a pick and pull Denver, you could save big on those parts as long as what you find there is in good shape and rust-free.  

Parts for rebuilding at a pick and pull Denver

Some people enjoy a weekend hobby of rebuilding cars. These cars aren’t always old and obscure either. If you’re a weekend hobbyist looking for a specific part for a car built in the last 20 years, heading to a junkyard where you can sift through similar vehicles might just be the ticket.  

Score a whole engine

There are times during the life of a car where the owner might be presented with a choice: engine replacement or new car. The average price to replace the engine in a late model car, not more than 10 years old, will run between $3,000 and $5000. That’s a lot of money. The job costs so much because it’s pretty time consuming and the brand new parts are pricey. You might find some luck at a pick and pull Denver and find the same make and model car you own with an intact motor which could save you a ton of cash.

cash for junk cars

Cash for Junk Cars: Is mine Ready?

If you haven’t heard about Victor’s Towing, and the company’s cash for junk cars program, the time is now to find out more, especially if you’re someone with a junk car taking up valuable space on your property. This program can put cash in your pocket in no time flat. So if you own a junker, or think you might, here’s everything you need to know to get started with the process. 

When is it a cash for junk car

The first question to ask yourself if you’re considering taking advantage of the cash for cars program over at Victor’s is if your car would be considered junk in the first place. Usually, junk cars refer to those who are so extensively damaged, oftentimes inoperable, that fixing them would cost considerably more than the vehicle is worth. Other criteria include: if selling the car for salvaged parts and scrap metal would bring more money than selling it as-is would, the age of the vehicle, and oftentimes the absence of current title and registration. 

Cash for junk cars company

If any of the criteria above sounds like the car you have to deal with, then you should definitely start a conversation with cars for cash company. There are plenty of companies in Colorado in this business, but few have a reputation as strong as Victor’s Towing. The company has even achieved 5 stars in ratings on Google Reviews.  

How to sell your junker

Once you’ve determined that your car is probably junk and that you would be interested in selling it, and have decided that Victor’s Towing is who you would like to sell it to, call the company and tell them about your vehicle. They will probably schedule an appointment with you to look the car over, in the event it can’t be moved from where it sits. After the inspection, they’ll probably make you a cash offer and tow the car away meaning it’s no longer your eyesore and gone forever. Meanwhile, you’ve got some extra cash on hand from the deal and the only decision left to make is to spend or save.

shutterstock 240408967 - Learn how you can earn extra money this winter with your scrap car

Learn how you can earn extra money this winter with your scrap car

Winter is an expensive time of year. The holidays mean you probably need extra cash on hand to buy gifts for your loved ones, and your heating costs have probably skyrocket during these cold months. If you need extra cash on hand this winter, and you have a junker car sitting around getting more junky by the day, search for a scrap cars for cash business near you for some easy money this year.  

Find a scrap car for cash spot near you

Head online to easily find a scrap car for cash Denver spot near you. You’ll want the most reputable place around to ensure they treat you well and give you the cash that your junker is worth. Pay close attention to online testimonials for clues about interactions that they might have had with previous customers, and be sure to ask your family and friends for recommendations of reputable companies.  

Schedule an inspection

Once you’ve identified the company that you hope to work with, give them a call and tell them a little about the junk car you hope to sell. Be sure to have all the specific details about the car including make, model, VIN, and be able to briefly describe the condition that it’s in. The company will likely schedule a time for one of their representatives to come out to you for an inspection of the vehicle.   

Negotiate a deal

Once the inspection is complete, and the company is sure of what you’ve got, you can begin negotiating on your cash for car trade. It pays you to learn about the car you have to sell, and be armed with as much knowledge about it. Expect a low ball offer out of the gate, and prepare to prove your case if you want that initial number to increase significantly.  

Take your cash to the bank

Once you’ve agreed on the terms of the sale, sign the sale agreement with the company and watch as your junker car is towed away. Some companies will give you cash for your car, depending on how much the deal is worth. Others will cut you a check. Either way, your next step would be to head to the bank and start holiday shopping as soon as you can. 

shutterstock 21163981 1170x780 - How You Can Get Money For Your Junk Cars Before the Holidays

How You Can Get Money For Your Junk Cars Before the Holidays

Getting rid of your junk car is a great way to infuse your wallet or bank accounts with easy holiday spending money. If you have an old junker on hand, the time is now to get cash for scrap cars in Denver, Co. Head to the internet to find a business like this near you and get the process started. Here’s what you can expect when you do. 

Find a junk car dealer 

A quick internet search will probably return a few cash for cars no title companies in the Denver, Co. market. It’s important to thoroughly read their procedures and get to know the company you’re about to do business with. A reputable and experienced cash for cars company will have good reviews online and will have the cash for cars process plainly spelled out.   

Schedule an appointment

Once you find a junk car company that you’re interested in working with, give them a call and let them know what kind of junk car you have on hand. It’s helpful to know the make, model, year, and be able to explain the condition of the car. These companies still buy cars even if they don’t move and can still swing a deal even if you don’t have a title for the vehicle as long as the registration is available. So don’t delay, and schedule an appointment with them to come out and see your car as soon as they’re available.  

Make a deal

The company will send a representative out to look over your junk car and paperwork. If they like what they see, they might make you a cash offer on the spot. You can choose to accept it, or negotiate a better deal if you think there is a better deal to be had. Either way, cash in your pocket is right around the corner.  

Start shopping

Once you finalize the junk car sale with the cash for cars company, they’ll pay you by cash or check. Deposit the check and start your holiday shopping. Not only can you get through your holiday shopping list earlier this year, but your wife or girlfriend will finally stop bugging you about getting rid of your junk car in the driveway or front yard. That’s probably the best holiday gift you could get. 


How the “Cash for Cars” Process Works in Denver

Today might just be payday, and you might just have a pocketful of cash sitting in your yard or garage and not even know it. There are companies that specialize in cash for cars no title in the Denver area and they make the process as easy as possible. Do yourself a favor, read a little bit more about how the process works, then find one of these companies today. 

Find cash for cars company 

There are a couple of different ways you might go about finding cash for cars company in Denver. You might start by asking friends and family members if they know of any such place in the area. You might also head directly to the internet to Google search the business type and find out what your options are. Be sure to stick with a company that has the experience, good reviews online and plenty of satisfied customers.  

Call for an estimate decide if its fair

The next step, once you find a company that you want to deal with, is to give them a call. Be sure to have your VIN number, make, and model of your car written down when you call. You might also want to offer a complete description of the condition of the car, and snap a few pictures in case they would like to see it. They might offer a ballpark number right then that they expect it to be worth so that you can decide if you want to move forward with the transaction.  

Make an inspection appointment

Typically, cash for car companies will want to come out to you to inspect the car you’re trying to sell before offering a final price that they’re willing to pay. Make an appointment for them to come out at your convenience. The inspection won’t be too intensive, but like any good business transaction, they will just want to be educated about the item they’re purchasing.  

Schedule a pickup

If the inspection went well and the price is right, arrange for pickup of the vehicle if the car can’t be driven. Most cash for cars companies offer this as part of the transaction. If the company you’re dealing with doesn’t mention it, you might consider making the request. 

Get paid and head to the bank

When the cash for cars company shows up to take the vehicle away, they might be prepared to pay you right then and there in cash. They might also operate my paper check and it could take a couple of days for the transaction to cycle through their accounting department. Most companies will do what you need them to do to make the sale happen. 

Since 1995, Victor’s Towing has been offering emergency towing services in north Denver and the surrounding area. If you have met with an accident or your car has just broken down, call Victor’s Towing today at (303) 257-1209, we’re available 24/7!

shutterstock 1100891630 1170x780 - Your Guide to Getting Cash for Your Junk Car in Denver

Your Guide to Getting Cash for Your Junk Car in Denver

If you have an old clunker car taking up space in your driveway or garage, you might be tempted by advertisements with claims that “we are for selling a junk car colorado, Denver.” If you have little to no use for the hunk of junk taking up space, consider giving one of these places a call and adding a bit of cash in your pocket in the process. Here’s how it will probably work. 

Identify a junk car company 

That commercial that or just saw or heard saying that they would buy and pay for junk cars in the Denver area, pay attention to the phone number. Check them out online to be sure they’re a solid operation with a long reputation of buying junk cars for top dollar. Give them a call as soon as you can. Tell them what you’ve got and set up a time for them to come and check it out.  

Meet for the inspection

If the junk car you have won’t run at all, the company will agree to come out to you for a quick inspection. You can also give them the lowdown on the car by phone. Based on the kind of vehicle it is, and the condition of its parts, the company will formulate an offer which could range from $100 to $5,000.  

Take it or leave it

If the company you’re working with has a reputation of being fair on their offers, consider taking the cash and getting rid of the junker. If you think you could get a better deal elsewhere, or thing your junker is worth more, consider calling a few junk car companies to compare offers. Either way you go, accepting an offer kills two birds with one stone – gets rid of the junker in your driveway, and lines your pockets with cash.  

Gone for good

Once you’ve accepted an offer from a company, they will arrange to have the vehicle towed from your place to theirs. Most outfits offer free towing service for this so the cost of moving the junker won’t land in your lap. When the tow truck driver arrives, you’ll need to meet them and hand them your registration on the vehicle and keys, and they will hand you cash or a check in return. 

Since 1995, Victor’s Towing has been offering emergency towing services in north Denver and the surrounding area. If you have met with an accident or your car has just broken down, call Victor’s Towing today at (303) 257-1209, we’re available 24/7!

benefits of junking your car

Five Benefits of Selling Your Junk Car

Do you have a junk car taking up space on your property? Although it may be tempting to just leave it there, why not get some cash for your unneeded vehicle? Getting rid of your old car can have multiple benefits to you. 

So let’s get to selling! Here are five benefits to getting cash for scrap cars in Denver, Colorado. 

Free Up Some Space

A car that doesn’t run isn’t doing much more than occupying valuable space. Getting the car out of your garage or off your property frees up some room to store functioning vehicles, sports equipment, a pool table – the possibilities are endless. 

Think Environmentally

Old cars that sit in one spot can be a health and safety concern. They may cause hazardous chemicals to seep into the ground and eventually your water supply. This can be a threat not just to you on your property, but also the environment as a whole. Junk cars are often used for parts and their metal, which helps to reduce pollution. 

Pretty Up Your Property

If your junk car is sitting in your driveway or anywhere in plain sight, it can be quite the eye sore. Removing a junk car makes your property look more well-kept and can actually reduce the growth of weeds taking refuge near the vehicle. If you intend to sell your home in the near future, it is especially important to clean up the junk car in your yard. 

A Free Haul

Spending money to get your junk car hauled is a major deterrent to selling a junk car in colorado. Find the right towing or salvage company to take your vehicle, and they will likely take care of the hauling for you. Be sure to find a company with a licensed, bonded, and insured driver to tow away your junk car. 

Fast Cash

Typically, when you get cash for your car in Denver, Co, you can get your money the very same day. Don’t expect a massive payout, but do expect some extra cash in your pocket. Victor’s Towing, with more than 22 years of experience in the junk car industry, offers fair and competitive rates for your junk car. 

Having a junk car can either be a hassle or a lucrative opportunity. Seek the right professionals to handle your car for cash dealings. Victor’s Towing, serving the Denver area since 1995, has all your towing and junk car cash-out needs. Call 303-257-1209 and schedule a time to get your junk car traded for cash today!


5 Things to Do Before Selling Your Junk Car

No matter how much you love your car, there will be a time when you know it’s time to sell your car. When parts are broken apart, and you’re holding them together with duct tape, the cost of repairs is more than the car’s present value. If you have an old or damaged car rusting away in your backyard and feel stuck with it, junking your car and getting some cash is the best choice to make. When it’s time to get rid of your car after years of memories and adventures, there are 5 things to do before selling your junk car to get top dollar. Let’s take a closer look.

Remove Personal Belongings

Just like our houses, cars accumulate a lot of personal belongings over time. Cars are our second home, and it’s common for car owners to misplace things such as insurance cards and pieces of jewelry. Make sure that you have no valuable personal belongings remaining in your junk car before selling it in Colorado. 

Collect Important Information and Paperwork

While it may be possible to junk your car documents showing proof of ownership, your dealer will likely knock you off. Having your car title in order allows you to transfer your ownership to your dealer. Doing this will prevent liability that may fall back on you if something unforeseen happens. If you are unable to find your title, head to your state’s department of motor vehicles, and get it replaced.

Cancel Your Car Insurance

Canceling your junk car’s insurance before selling it ensures you won’t have to make any recurring payments before the policy expires. If you have paid for the full coverage in advance, you are eligible to get a refund. It’s important to notify your insurance company and ask any questions you may have upon canceling your car insurance.

Choose a Trusted Dealer

It’s finally time to find the best cash for junk car company in Colorado to give you the best deal. No matter what shape your junk car is in, different junk car removal services will offer different amounts. It’s a good idea to shop around before finally deciding which dealer to choose. 

Do you need to sell junk car Denver? Look no further than Victor’s Towing, a local Colorado company that specializes in junk car removal  and cash for junk cars. Sell us your broken car, and we’ll tow it to our auto salvage yard. Victor’s Towing delivers free towing and pays cash for junk cars! For all your towing needs, contact us today.

cash for auto salvage in denver colorado

How to Determine if Your Car is “Auto Salvage”

Car owners all over the United States have heard the phrase ‘auto salvage’. But what exactly does it mean? And does it apply to the junk car you having sitting in your driveway? The best way to determine if your car is auto salvage is to first understand what auto salvage is.

What is ‘auto salvage’

Auto Salvage Colorado is essentially any car that no longer runs but still has workable and useable parts. The main purpose of a salvage yard or junkyard is to attempt to salvage any and all parts of a used or wrecked car. They will give the junk car owner cash up front and in return take the junk car off your hands and sell it for parts or recycle the unusable metal. A major plus of going to a salvage yard is if your car no longer turns on or runs they can tow it for no additional cost.

How do I know if my car is ‘auto salvage’?

There are a few signs that indicate your car is beyond repair. The first thing you should assess, however, is if you car is worth more as a whole or as parts. If your car is worth more as a whole then consider selling your car for a higher price to a salvage yard or by posting it on a website like Craigslist. Once you have enough offers and quotes you can determine how much your car is actually worth.

For cars that are worth more broken down than whole, a salvage yard is probably your best bet. If your car meets any of the following criteria then it is probably a junker:


  • Damage: Does your car have irreparable damage? Does it turn on or drive? Was it wrecked in an accident or natural disaster? Are more parts broken than fixed? If you answered yes to any of these questions than is time to Sell junk car in Denver and get some cash for your auto salvage.
  • Repair costs: If you are constantly taking your car in to be repaired or are spending more money on repairs than your car is worth, then it’s time to deem it auto salvage. There is no use pouring your hard earned cash into a car that has no return. Taking a car like this to a salvage yard can be more lucrative than you might think.
  • Age: Is your car brand new or over five years old? If your car is brand new than a salvage yard in not your play. Instead you might want to consider selling as a used car. However, if your car is over five years old and is not running smoothly anymore you may be dealing with auto salvage. Anything less than five years old cannot really be considered auto salvage colorado.

Get the most cash for your auto salvage

If you want to get the best price for your car parts, you should consult the Kelley Blue Book to make sure you get your car’s full worth. You should also shop around some quotes from a few of your local salvage yards. Lastly, if your car won’t start you’ll want to negotiate a transportation deal with the salvage yard. If you don’t, you could be paying the cost to tow your junked car to the salvage yard out of pocket.

We Buy and Pay for Junk Cars Denver Colorado

Tips and Tricks to Getting the Most for Your Junk Car

Are you continually getting low-ball offers on your junk car? Instead of accepting less than your car is worth, try using these tips and tricks to help you get the most for your junk car.

Assess your car’s worth

If you’re not a mechanic,  it may be nearly impossible to determine the exact value of your car. Assessing the current condition of your vehicle, no matter how bad, is the first step. You need to establish a basis in which to sell your junk car otherwise you may not receive it’s full worth. You can always consult the Kelley Blue Book to estimate a ballpark figure for your car but other factors such as mileage and drivability play a major part in the selling potential of your junk car.

Get a quote, or two, or three!

Shop around to different towing companies and junkyards to see what buyers are willing to pay for your junk car. By calling different companies that buy and pay for junk cars, you get a better sense of what your car is worth and who will pay the most for it. While some companies barely pay anything for junk cars, others will pay significantly more for certain makes and models.

Don’t sell to just anyone!

Be wary of selling your junk car online or to a junkyard. It is easy to get taken advantage of, especially if is your first time selling and you are not aware of how much your car is actually worth. While selling your junk car on a websites like eBay or Craigslist is perfectly fine, by selling to a company that buys and pays for junk cars you save yourself a lot of time and hassle.

What still works?

So your car is barely running, or perhaps it doesn’t turn on at all, and you’re thinking there are no salvageable parts of your vehicle. Well, you could be wrong and that could cost you. Many times junk cars are actually more valuable broken down into individual parts rather than whole. If you don’t know which parts of your car are in good condition or want to find out, sell my junk car colorado to a junkyard or person on Craigslist probably isn’t the best option. Seeking out a dependable business can help you determine what your junk car is worth and ensure you get paid the full-value of your vehicle.

Save on towing costs!

selling a junk car in colorado online or to a junkyard will most likely leave you footing a towing bill. But what if towing your car is the only way to get it to the buyer? How do you get it there without dipping into your personal savings account? If you choose to sell your car to a reputable towing company, they will pick your junk car up for free! It’s time to stop letting your junk car collect dust, and start turning it into cash. For a company that will buy and pay for your junk car in Denver, call Victor’s Towing.


How to Trade in Your Junk Car for Cash

Do you have an unsalvageable vehicle lying around? Or perhaps you have a car that is in need of continuous and costly repairs? It might be time to consider turning your junk car into cash. Pouring your hard earned money into a junk car is not something you want to do. Instead you can sell your junk car and put that cash towards buying a new car! Before you sell your junk car, there are a few things you should know.

Where to sell your junk car

Be wary of selling your junk car online or to a junkyard. It is easy to get taken advantage of, especially if is your first time selling and you are not aware of how much your car is actually worth. While selling your junk car on a websites like eBay or Craigslist is perfectly fine, by going through a reputable towing or cash for junk cars no title cars business you run a lower risk of being underpaid for your vehicle.

No title, no problem

Some states require you to produce a title to prove vehicle ownership before purchase, however this is not the only way to check for vehicle ownership. For example, in Colorado, junk car ownership can be determined with the car’s registration. You save yourself the time and hassle of trying to find your cash for junk cars no title by selling your vehicle to a towing company that accepts registration forms as proof of ownership.

How to move your junk car

So you want to sell your junk car, but it either won’t start or you don’t feel comfortable driving it. How do you get it to the buyer without dipping into the money you just got from selling your car? If you choose to sell your junk car online or to a junkyard, you will most likely need to pay for a tow truck service. However, if you sold your car to a reputable cash for cars or towing company, they will pick your junk car up for free!

Know your car’s worth

For those of you who are not mechanics, it may be hard to determine exactly how much your junk cars are worth. Is it worth more whole or for parts? If you don’t know which parts of your car are in good condition or want to find out, selling your junk car to a junkyard or person on Craigslist probably isn’t the best option. Seeking out a dependable business can help you determine what your junk car is worth and ensure you get paid the full-value of your vehicle.

Stop letting your junk car rust and collect dust in your garage, and turn it for a profit. If your car is irreparable, and you’ve done your do-diligence, then the only thing left to do is trade in your car and collect your cash!

If you want to get cash for your junk cars in Colorado, call Victor’s Towing.