The automobile industry has been around for a while now and contributes greatly to a lot of economies bringing tons of jobs while lowering the unemployment rate side by side. Over the years, car manufacturers have gone to great lengths to come up with a cleaner, more fuel-efficient and environment-friendly cars to help reduce the carbon footprint on the planet.

But increasing economies and purchasing power parity of the people rising over the years, a household or even individual these days have multiple cars to their name. This leads to cars being unused and just left standing which leads to them being deteriorated and causing harm to the environment. Rather then letting them just sit there it is best if the owner of the vehicle either sells it off or gives it away at a salvage yard. For cars that are not in a condition to be driven or don’t work or are past their expiration, this is the best option for them.


VT Denver provides services for auto salvage in Denver, Colorado, wherein we perform and offer all duties and responsibilities that a salvage yard would. We follow every procedure entailed in this process diligently, which have been outlined below

  • Starting from pre-treatment, where prior to disassembling the car we rid it of all fluids such as coolant, oil, fuel etc by draining them out of the car to help avoid any leakage.
  • Along with the fluids, the gas tank, tires and batteries are also removed.
  • Once the pre-treatment is done and the components are removed, the remaining part is then assessed and a decision made as to whether repair, refurbish or resell the usable parts left in the car.
  • These usable parts are then stripped from the vehicle after which the interiors of the car such as the seats, cover, console etc are removed
  • The remaining body and frame will either be recycled or crushed based on further assessment.

By opting to send your car to the salvage yard, you are essentially helping in avoiding hard to the environment since the unused car’s carbon footprint is removed, any harmful gases or chemicals released are non-existent and rust formed if any cannot add to the environment’s damage.

Also, when sending your car to the auto salvage in Denver, Colorado, you can save up on unnecessary expenses for repairs and parts, add to the vast and diverse automobile industry since you probably will end up buying a new car hence you’ll be adding to the economy and help lower the need for producing raw materials and goods such as steel. Using the services of a salvage yard is not only beneficial to you economically but also you do your part in curbing harm to the environment and thereby helping it flourish.