5 Things to Do Before Selling Your Junk Car

No matter how much you love your car, there will be a time when you know it’s time to sell your car. When parts are broken apart, and you’re holding them together with duct tape, the cost of repairs is more than the car’s present value. If you have an old or damaged car rusting away in your backyard and feel stuck with it, junking your car and getting some cash is the best choice to make. When it’s time to get rid of your car after years of memories and adventures, there are 5 things to do before selling your junk car to get top dollar. Let’s take a closer look.

Remove Personal Belongings

Just like our houses, cars accumulate a lot of personal belongings over time. Cars are our second home, and it’s common for car owners to misplace things such as insurance cards and pieces of jewelry. Make sure that you have no valuable personal belongings remaining in your junk car before selling it in Colorado. 

Collect Important Information and Paperwork

While it may be possible to junk your car documents showing proof of ownership, your dealer will likely knock you off. Having your car title in order allows you to transfer your ownership to your dealer. Doing this will prevent liability that may fall back on you if something unforeseen happens. If you are unable to find your title, head to your state’s department of motor vehicles, and get it replaced.

Cancel Your Car Insurance

Canceling your junk car’s insurance before selling it ensures you won’t have to make any recurring payments before the policy expires. If you have paid for the full coverage in advance, you are eligible to get a refund. It’s important to notify your insurance company and ask any questions you may have upon canceling your car insurance.

Choose a Trusted Dealer

It’s finally time to find the best cash for junk car company in Colorado to give you the best deal. No matter what shape your junk car is in, different junk car removal services will offer different amounts. It’s a good idea to shop around before finally deciding which dealer to choose. 

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