Pick and Pull Denver

4 Ways Pick and Pull Denver Junk Yards Can Save You Money

If you have a vehicle in your possession that’s seen better days, selling it to a junkyard may be a great way to add some extra cash to your wallet. Cars like this often land in pick and pull Denver junkyards where mechanics and weekend car hobbyists go to look for specific parts at bargain prices. Here are four scenarios where one of these junkyards can save you big money.

Pick and pull Denver rims and hubcaps 

It’s pretty easy and fairly common to lose a hubcap or damage a wheel rim by hitting a pothole of which you misjudged the depth. If you head to a dealership for replacements, you’re talking hundreds of dollars for each part. This is a scenario where you can head to a pick and pull Denver instead. As long as the junkyard has one or a few of the same make and model cars on its lot, you can score a replacement hubcap or rim at a bargain price.  

Body parts for the taking

Car accidents are sometimes unavoidable, but huge mechanic bills to repair the damage might be. One large expense is replacement car body parts including side panels, bumpers, mirrors and the like. If your mechanic uses a pick and pull Denver, you could save big on those parts as long as what you find there is in good shape and rust-free.  

Parts for rebuilding at a pick and pull Denver

Some people enjoy a weekend hobby of rebuilding cars. These cars aren’t always old and obscure either. If you’re a weekend hobbyist looking for a specific part for a car built in the last 20 years, heading to a junkyard where you can sift through similar vehicles might just be the ticket.  

Score a whole engine

There are times during the life of a car where the owner might be presented with a choice: engine replacement or new car. The average price to replace the engine in a late model car, not more than 10 years old, will run between $3,000 and $5000. That’s a lot of money. The job costs so much because it’s pretty time consuming and the brand new parts are pricey. You might find some luck at a pick and pull Denver and find the same make and model car you own with an intact motor which could save you a ton of cash.